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About Us:

This blog is developed and written by the backenders, a bunch of wankers from the USA.

  • Cj "csubj" Buresch

    I came for the free food but now I've been here too long to just leave.

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  • Trent "spacekek" Clostio

    Full-stack software developer. *NIX enthusiast. Technology hobbyist. On a quest to install and use an increasingly obscure set of operating systems. Interests include application and network security, SCADA systems, systems programming, software design, and video games. Pursuing CS masters.

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  • Nathaniel "kag0" Fischer

    Surfing the mortal coil; witness to the sunset of man.

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  • Jacob "yacklebeam" Troxel

    Software Engineer and Hobbyist Game Developer. Long-time D&D player and Dungeon Master. Cares too much about mechanical keyboards. Currently working on better ways to detect virtual object collisions. Interests include crafting props for tabletop games, building and running D&D campaigns, developing video game engines and infrastructures, other related software development, and of course, playing video games (lots of that). B.S. in Computer Science.

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